Here are some free utilities for you to download, enjoy, and pass on to your friends.
All projects are hand-crafted, some include the source code.

Open-Source Java Libraries and Utilities
JTNEF A Java TNEF package for processing TNEF streams (WINMAIL.DAT attachments) in email messages sent by Outlook and Exchange.
JCharset A Java Charset package for support of additional character sets in Java applications.
JLHTTP A Java Lightweight HTTP Server for easy integration into existing applications or standalone use.
JElementary A Java library providing various elementary general-purpose utility classes and methods.
JFLVStream A Java server-side (servlet or standalone) Flash video (FLV) file pseudostreamer.
JMD A Java Message Digest utility for file verification using a friendly GUI and the MD5 digest algorithm.
JByteStat A Java byte histogram GUI utility.
JScrollPhat Java Scroll pHAT package for Raspberry Pi. A network utility class (port scan, socket comm using input/output files). A small NRG file (Nero disc image) format reader, capable of extracting ISO and CUE images from an NRG file.
Windows Utilities
SaverNow An all-in-one screen saver utility
AMandel An optimized Mandelbrot set fractal generator utility (includes source)
Pasteurizer A clipboard enhancement utility
GetWInfo A window management utility
ByteStat A file byte histogram utility
AutoUp A Windows startup settings utility (includes source)
TrayTask A Windows Task Switching Utility
VNC2Go A Moblie (J2ME Midlet) VNC Viewer Client
AWStats Patches Patches to the well known AWStats web server statistics tool