JByteStat - Java Byte Histogram utility


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JByteStat 2.0 (30K - includes source code) - What's new?

What is the JByteStat utility?

The Java ByteStat utility is an open-source byte histogram utility which can be used for simple data analysis. It visually shows the byte histogram - how many times each byte value (0-255) appears in a file.


How do I use the JByteStat utility?

The Java ByteStat utility is written in pure Java, and thus requires no special installation. The provided jar file is executable, so you can run it using 'java -jar jbytestat.jar', or on some systems, just double-click the jar file.

The graphical user interface is simple and intuitive.

How does it look?


What's New?

In version 2.0:


The JByteStat is provided under the GNU General Public License agreement.
For non-GPL commercial licensing please contact the author. If you like it, why not give something back?



You can contact the author via e-mail at:

Please write in with any bugs, suggestions, fixes, contributions, or just to drop a good word and let me know you've found JByteStat useful and you'd like it to keep being maintained.

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