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JScrollPhat 1.0 (1.5M - includes source code) - What's new?

What is the Java Scroll pHAT package?

JScrollPhat is a Java library for the ISSI IS31FL3730 matrix LED driver chip used in the Pimoroni Scroll pHAT (Parial Hardware Attached on Top), which is a little LED matrix board that attaches on top of a Raspberry Pi Zero and other compatible Raspberry Pi models.

How do I use the Java Scroll pHAT package?

The Java Scroll pHAT package is written in pure Java, runs on JDK 1.6 or later, and requires no special installation - just add the jar file to your classpath.

It is also available on Maven Central at the artifact coordinates net.freeutils:scrollphat-core:1.0.

For native access to the I2C bus which communicates with the device, the library uses either Pi4J or JNA, So you will need to have one of them installed as well.

The API itself consists of several main classes:

The source code contains elaborate documentation for the classes and methods it provides.

Some usage examples are available in the scrollphat-examples module.

What's New?

In version 1.0:


The JScrollPhat Package is provided under the GNU General Public License agreement.
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