JElementary - Java Elementary Utilities package


Latest release:

JElementary 3.0 (260K - includes source code) - What's new?

Previous releases:

JElementary 2.0 (242K - includes source code)

JElementary 1.0 (205K - includes source code)

What is the Java Elementary Utilities package?

JElementary is a Java library providing various elementary utility classes and methods. This includes general-purpose functionality that can be useful in just about any software project - ideally, the kind of stuff that would have been built-in in the JDK itself.

Rather than re-inventing many wheels, you can use these convenient utilities to preform elementary operations required by your application, leaving your own code focused on higher-level business logic instead.

The provided utilities include functionality related to strings, files, streams, reflection, containers (collections and other data structures), compression, concurrency, network, parsing, encodings, cryptography, spools, throttling, configuration, and even a lightweight JDBC wrapper to run your SQL queries without all the boilerplate code.

The library keeps growing, with more generic utilities added according to demand from various applications and users.

How do I use the Java Elementary Utilities package?

The Java Elementary Utilities package is written in pure Java, runs on JDK 1.6 or later, and requires no special installation - just add the jar file to your classpath.

It is also available on Maven Central at the artifact coordinates net.freeutils:jelementary:2.0.

The source code contains elaborate documentation for the classes and methods it provides.

What's New?

In version 3.0:

In version 2.0:

In version 1.0:


The JElementary Package is provided under the GNU General Public License agreement.
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