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JCharset 1.5 (71K - includes source code) - What's new?

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JCharset 1.4 (70K - includes source code)

JCharset 1.3 (65K - includes source code)

What is the Java Charset package?

The Java Charset package is an open-source implementation of character sets that were missing from the standard Java platform.

How do I use the Java Charset package?

The Java Charset package is written in pure Java, runs on JDK 1.5 or later, and requires no special installation - just add jcharset.jar to your classpath, or place it in any of the usual extension directories.

The JVM will recognize the supported character sets automatically, and they will be available anywhere character sets are used in the Java platform.

As an example, you can take a look at java.lang.String's constructor and getBytes() method, both of which have an overloaded version that receives a charset name as an argument.

Note: Some web/mail containers run each application in its own JVM context. In this case check the container documentation for information on where and how to configure the classpath, such as in WEB-INF/lib, shared/lib, jre/lib/ext, etc. You may need to restart the server for changes to take effect. However, if you use Sun's JRE, it will work only if you put it in the jre/lib/ext extension directory, or in the container's classpath. This is due to a bug in Sun's JRE implementation ( Voting for the bug may expedite its fix, so please do...

Which charsets are supported?

What's New?

In version 1.5:

In version 1.4:

In version 1.3:

In version 1.2.1:

In version 1.2:

In version 1.1:

In version 1.0:


The JCharset Package is provided under the GNU General Public License agreement.
For non-GPL commercial licensing please contact the author.


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