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SaverNow 2.4 (88K - Windows) - What's new?

What is SaverNow?

SaverNow is a screen saver utility that lets you easily control your screen savers with a simple click of the mouse!

SaverNow's features include:


How does it look?


Installation Notes

To install SaverNow, Double-Click the setup file. This will start a Setup Wizard that will guide you through the simple installation process.

To uninstall SaverNow, select the Uninstall option from the Settings menu. You can also select Uninstall from the SaverNow Start Menu group, if you selected this option during installation.

What's New?

In version 2.4:

In version 2.3:


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Please write in to report bugs, problems, suggestions, ideas, questions, answers, source code queries and especially just to let me know you've found SaverNow useful. Getting feedback will encourage me to continue development and add some advanced features I have in mind...

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